I have been training with Dale for the last 4 years, my initial aim, as one of the oldest in the group was to improve my muscle strength; vital as we age. Dale’s experience and knowledge in coaching meant I achieved this and more, with the added bonus of the enjoyment of being part of the ‘Bootcamp family’ he has created. Dale trains all ages and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.


If someone had said to me two years ago that I’d be training to do weightlifting, I’d have laughed and gone back to my chocolate. I never thought it would be something I’d have the strength to do, or interest in for that matter.
Two years later and I’m absolutely loving it! Thanks to Dale for opening my eyes to this sport and having the absolute patience of a saint while I try to master the technique. No wonder he’s been shortlisted Coach if the Year at this year’s Eastleigh Sports Awards.
I’m now hungry to get even stronger and working toward competitions this year. It’s had a massive impact on my confidence too. It’s never too late. You’re never too old. You’re not too unfit or weak. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. So give it a go!


I was terrified as I attended my first DSF session 2.5 years ago but I really needn`t have been. Dale`s clients are like a family and are so welcoming and supportive. Dale is really knowledgeable and manages to get you doing things you never dreamed possible. I will always consider that first session as one of the best decisions I`ve ever made. I`m stronger than I`ve ever been and am still getting stronger. Now Dale has opened the gym I`m excited to see what`s next. I cannot recommend DSF highly enough.


Dale’s sessions are fun (in a sweaty mess shouting “I hate you Dale” kind of way).
He never takes his eyes off the ball, so when you doing an exercise thinking “I’ve nailed this...this is easy”, you hear him saying “tuck your shoulders back...keep your back straight” and then you realise he has corrected your form, prevented an injury, and ensured you get the most from the routine that you’re doing.
I’ve yet to repeat the same workout twice, yes there’s plenty of burpees, ropes and squat lunges etc, all tied into Turkish twists, Russian thingies and scorpion whatyamacallits. Each session is completely different to the last one and challenges varied components of your musculoskeletal system.
Has my body changed in 3 months? I believe it has. I’ve not turned into Steve Rogers, but that wasn’t my goal. I’ve toned what I have, developed muscles I didn’t know existed, and feel generally healthier!
I’m looking forward to what the new me will be.
So, come along, do your trial session, get hooked, join the awesome gang and hate Dale as much as we all do. He’s gotta be doing something right as we all can’t stay away!
Cheers Dale, Skål.


I saw Dale for a trial session when I retired. I was finding it hard to work out as I was very unfit and had a number of injuries. 4 years later I am still having regular coaching with him I dipped my toe into Powerlifting, but then found I loved Olympic Weightlifting. I now have a silver medal from the Masters European championships to show for my efforts. I cannot praise his coaching highly enough!!


I have been having weekly personal training sessions with Dale for 3 years – my wife bought me 10 sessions for Christmas because I have always hated PE and she couldn’t persuade me go to the gym. Now, well into my 60s I have some muscles for the first time in my life, which my younger self thought was unattainable


I have been training with Dale for 4 years now and can honestly say I’d never go anywhere else. His new gym is fantastic and even though I’m currently 23 weeks pregnant he’s still putting me through my paces!

He is a great coach and always pushes me to believe in myself and do more than I think I can. I am so much stronger and fitter than I have ever been thanks to him and have also made the best group of friends through bootcamp. It’s a great atmosphere with everyone encouraging each other to keep going. If you want to get fit and have fun too, Dynamic Strength and Fitness is the only place to go!